Sunday, January 29, 2012

எம்பொண்ணு முதல் முதலா எழுதின ஆங்கிலச் சிறுகதை...

Arm Cheese Mala:

டைட்டில் பெயர் காரணம் ,ஆர்ம்ஸ் மாதிரி உருண்டை உருண்டையா சீஸ் பண்றதால அந்த கடைக்குப் பேர் ஆர்ம் சீஸ் ,கடை ஓனர் மாலா :))

Over to the story ...

Once there was a shop keepper named Mala,She has a shop named Arm Cheese.She will bake the cheese tasty and with speciality recipies.She has a husband named Shiva and she has a small baby named Umashakthi.She is beautiul and she has a good and tidy shop.And she has a good family.

And there lived a Monster ,Every day the Monster will eat their foods,and every night the monster will come out and eat their foods.Oneday all the monsters was making a group meeting and they were planing How to eat the people! One Monster told let us also became a people and we can be a friend with them and let us eat them.Yes it is a good idea you are a intelligent but one problem...what's the problem ?

Somebody touch us we will become a Monster ,Ok let us go.Ok ...come.

Than the Shiva had heard and he was very shocked that the Monster decided this to do.And he told this message to his family and they were also shocked .
Than the Mala and Shiva decided to fight the Monster and suddenly the Baby was started talking and it was started telling that i will also come with you.

Than they three went or the ight .they fight with all the Monsters.and they got reedom or the India.


We should have to be unity and Honest.

//கதை சொன்னா கேட்கணுமே தவிர ஆராயக் கூடாது//

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நட்புடன் ஜமால் said...

Moral seems very important for the story writer, it seems the story has been developed towards the moral.

It's a nice attempt.

My appreciation :)